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character production producer director
Harry People David Levin Pleasance Productions
Dame Trot Jack & The Beanstalk Wish Theatre, Palace Kilmarnock Mark Thorburn
Ugly Sister Cinderella Wish Theatre, Palace Kilmarnock Iain Lochlan
Ugly Sister Cinderella Brunton Theatre Stuart Thomas
Captain Hook Peter Pan Theatre Babel Graham McLaren
Demon of Darkness Mother Goose Perth Michael Winter
Tin Man The Wizard of Oz Dundee Rep Richard Barron
Barry Ross/Dame Two Fat Ladies Perth/Byre Ken Alexander
Steven Wrenís work as an actor has included seasons and tours with most of Scotlandís theatre companies in comedies, musicals and dramas. His television experience ranges from presenting 'Into Music' for BBC TV to acting in Taggart Ė on both sides of the law.

A wide vocal range and excellent ear for accents makes Steven a popular voice-over artist. His pre-acting musical training has served him well as a singer and MD.

Steven Wren
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